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Email validation from a trusted email domain is currently used by TournesolđŸŒ» for Proof of Personhood to protect Tournesol from a 51% attack by fake accounts.

Whenever an email address from a new email domain is registered on Tournesol, the decision to accept or reject the email domain is made by Tournesol's administrators. The list of accepted email domains is available here. Domains open to any individual such as are not trusted by Tournesol.


Unfortunately, such Sybil attacks by fake accounts are extremely common on the Internet, because of disinformation campaigns SmarterEveryDay-19. Facebook reportedly removed 6 billion fake accounts CNN-19. Despite its massive engineering team, the platform probably still hosts a majority of fake accounts. Such a majority would be able to take control of Tournesol.

Future work

In the future, we hope to provide tools to determine the probability of authenticity of an account from additional information provided by the contributor on their profile page.

LĂȘ NguyĂȘn Hoang is also researching how to leverage such probabilities to maximize Byzantine resilience to a 51% attack.