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Tournesol's rating page

Tournesol's rating page enables contributors to compare pairs of contents along different quality criteria.

These pairwise comparisons are then used by Tournesol's model to compute Tournesol scores.

Rated video selection

When the rating page is opened, the left and right videos are selected by the rated video selection algorithm, which exploits active learning.

This algorithm is also executed when the contribute clicks on the "new video" button.

Quality criteria

By default, contributors are only queried on three quality criteria, namely reliable and not misleading, important and actionable and engaging and thought-provoking. However, the settings button allows to customize the interface by selecting active criteria.

Confidence level

By default, contributors cannot skip nor communicate their confidence in their ratings.

However, the settings button allows to add a skip button, or to rate content using a 3-star confidence level system. By default, a judgment is given 2 stars.

A planned future functionality is the following: contributors must provide comments to validate 3-star ratings.

Privacy settings

The interface also allows to adjust the videos' score privacy settings.