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Contributors should not be expected to always provide ratings with their utmost attention and focus. Intuitively, speedy ratings may reflect instinctive preferences rather than reflexive volitions.

To distinguish them, after they provided 5 ratings, Tournesol🌻 asks contributors to give their consent to allow Tournesol to monitor their Tournesol activities when rating contents.

As of February 2021, the data collected consist of any movements of the sliders of the quality criteria, along with a timestamp of these actions. Such data are stored in the slider change database.

Consent query

The current messaging of the consent query reads:

"To guarantee the quality of the ratings, Tournesol🌻 would like to study contributors' behaviors when providing their ratings. In particular, we aim to distinguish rash declarations from reflexive volitions. Find out more by reading our wiki entry on the topic.

To do so, we would like to collect data about your Tournesol activity when you are providing ratings. Such data will only be used for scientific purpose or for the computation of Tournesol scores, and will never be made public.

Please note that a refusal on your end will not harm at all your Tournesol account, nor its impact on Tournesol scores.

Would you consent to sharing with us such data?"