Impressive advances in AI

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This page lists impressive results in machine learning.

Image processing

Online photorealistic portrait generator is available at proposes super-resolution enhancement, while proposes background erasing.

WangKosinski-18 Detect gayness from picture.

Detect heart beat rate from video.

ZAO allows users to face swap from one picture, and become Di Caprio in Titanic.

JoPark-19 propose a GAN to easily photoshop real images in milliseconds. Similar inpaintings by NVIDIA are available here.

NirkinKH-19 propose face swapping and reenactement techniques.

ZhouHSJ-19 propose re-lightening techniques.

Sound processing

JiaZWWS+18 learns to synthesize voice from 5-second samples.

Payne-19 proposed MuseNet to create musical compositions.

Respeecher allows to create speeches in another person's voice.

Google Duplex.

Natural language processing

RadfordWAAC+19 proposed GPT2, which you can play with on

LampleCRDJ-18 achieved state-of-the-art translations without parallel data. They simply found a rotation of the word embeddings of two languages that make the embeddings fit nicely.


AlphaGo, Alpha Zero.


Social skills

YouyouKS-15 showed that algorithms outperformed even close relatives at predicting an individuals' personality traits derived from a combination of relatives' judgments.

EskimezIYSDH-16 showed that algorithms could outperform naive humans at emotion classification based on images.

Problem solving

AlphaFold EvansJKSG+18 SeniorEJKS+20

Deep learning for symbolic math LampleCharton-19

Meehl-54 list examples from 1954 where statistical computations suffice to outperform clinical predictions by doctors (to verify).