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"Engaging and thought-provoking" is an optional quality criterion of Tournesol 🌻.

When judging this quality feature, the contributors are typically invited to ask themselves if their relatives would be bored by the content, or if the content has a chance to start an interesting discussion or to encourage further research on the topic.

Contents that score high on "engaging and thought-provoking" should catch the attention of a larger audience, trigger their curiosity and create a desire to find out more, including by questioning their own beliefs.


The dynamism of the video, the use of humour or the audiovisual quality of the story-telling are important components to consider.

This Veritasium video presents advice for more engaging science videos.


A video is thought-provoking if it invites further, perhaps unusual, thoughts for viewers. It may typically be more successful at doing so if it raises further questions, encourages viewers to reflect further and provides pointers to find out more.


As opposed to many metrics including "scientific intelligence" KahanPCS-17, scientific curiosity has been linked to a convergence of beliefs despite diverging political views KahanLCHH-17.

Galef-21 argues that the greatest bottleneck to good judgment is usually the will to adopt the "scout mindset", which is defined as accuracy motivated reasoning or intellectual honesty. This is as opposed to the "soldier mindset", which corresponds to belief motivated reasoning.