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"Diversity and inclusion" is an optional quality criterion of Tournesol 🌻.

It aims at identifying contents that promote a more diverse and inclusive view of the great diversity of all life. Contents that score high on "diversity and inclusion" should celebrate diversity and be appealing to minority groups. Among other things, diverse and inclusive content promote:

  • The diversity of humanity's ethnics, beliefs and preferences, especially in fields that deeply lack such a diversity,
  • The lifes of all sentient beings (e.g. non-human animals),
  • The well-being of young and future generations,
  • The diversity of genders and sexual orientations,
  • The inclusion of all species in our moral circles and the protection of biodiversity.

When judging this feature, contributors are encouraged to reflect on what both privileged and underprivileged viewers may feel when viewing the content. Contents that normalize biases or that disregard the interests of under-represented groups, purposely or not, should be rated negatively along this feature.


Typically the below videos may be referred to as high diversity and inclusion.