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This page aims to help you determine how to best contribute to Tournesol🌻.

The Tournesol Discord server

In addition to reading this page, please consider joining our Discord and meet our team!

Provide ratings on the website

See the Main page or go directly to 🌻Tournesol!

Suggestions, bug reports, feature requests

  • 💬Brainstorming. Please use the Tournesol Discord. After brainstorming, please create an issue on Github (see above!), in case if you want this implemented.
  • Explanations. Please use the Tournesol Wiki. The wiki explains how the platform works, and the current long-term (and short-term) goals and plans of the project.
  • For sensitive issues (bank accounts, passwords, etc), please use the Discord or the private Tournesol Drive.
  • For other, or big and global issues, use the meta-tournesol repository