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Microsoft is a leading technological company. Its most influential products include Windows, Bing, Skype, Zoom, LinkedIn, Outlook, Office, Xiaoice.

Tay versus Xiaoice

In 2016, Tay was launched on Twitter, and became racist, sexist and pro-genocide TheVerge-16.

Weirdly, the same technology was deployed on WeChat, and became a huge success Sampi-16 Inverse-16 Microsoft-18. SCMP-20 reports that Xiaoice now has 660 million users. SixthSense-20 tells the story of a Chinese user who fell in love with Xiaoice.

This has led to serious national security concerns in China, as this allows large-scale customized surveillance and manipulation. The Chinese government has taken measures to limit Xiaoice LaptrinhX-20.


Outlook encourages users to be less epistemically cautious when writing emails Matissart-21.